Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Cartoon Cyborg available to hire?
Yes. Please e-mail any inquiries to Jae (@) or @cartoon_cyborg on instagram.

How much money does it cost for a cartoon?
It depends on the difficulty of the project, length of the animation, and the tightness of the deadline.

What's a ballpark amount, though?
Anything animated could be anywhere from $800-$5,000 per minute of completed work. A typical music video is in the $10,000 to $15,000 range but am used to working within budgets and have made videos that are around $3000 before if I really like the project.

How does the process work for making a music video?
Whenever I recieve a new project I take 30% up front and I talk with the creative behind the video about their needs or ideas that they might want to include in their video.
Using that information, I create a 'treatment' for my client that includes a page with some phrases that I think might fit the concept of the video, a character design sheet to show the style, a 'mood board' with references to work that have the same vibe as the concept, and a sample screen shot of what the video will look like in the final stage.
When the concept is locked in I can get started on the storyboard and after the storyboard is approved we take another 40% to get started on production!
Production is where I get to let all the amazing artists from Cartoon Cyborg shine and take my hand at animating as well, Upon completion, we take the final 30%.