Apply for Apprenticeship:

I'm taking unpaid apprentices in for lower roles within the animation process. I want to offer people the opportunity to learn and develop as an artist within a studio setting. There's room for promotion and ultimately my goal with every student of mine is to progress them into a paid artist of CARTOON CYBORG. I'll be starting everyone off by examining their work and giving a bit of advice based on where they're at as an artist. Then we will go through some programs that are needed and techniques and I'll get them started on coloring a shot or two. The artist should be focused on the layout of the animation and try to grasp what they can and ask what they need during this portion. Eventually I'll move them on to linework and educate them through the entire animation process. The progression of this program is based on the skills developed during it. Once they've proven capable of meeting the CARTOON CYBORG standards for setting up and animating a full shot to completion they will graduate to an animator at the studio for pay!

If this sort of education interests you, please send your name, discord info, age, and a brief example of your work.

Jae (@)